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Alt porn (also known as alt-porn, altporn, alternaporn, or simply alt), a shortening of "alternative pornography", tends to involve members of such subcultures as goths, punks, or ravers and is often produced by small and independent websites or filmmakers. It often features models with body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, or scarifications, or temporary modifications such as dyed hair. The term indie porn is also sometimes used, though this term is more generally used as a synonym for independent pornography, regardless of affinity with any kind of alternative subculture.

Alt Porn Stars

Some of the biggest Alt Porn stars are below:
Joanna Angel[1] - The Punk Rock Princess Of Porn
Kylee Kross[2] - Dirty Hipster Tattooed Emo Slut
Pixie Pearl[3] - The original goth slut
Draven Star[4] - The new goth porno queen
Regan Reese[5] - Latina tattooed porn alt slut
Scarlett Pain[6] - redheaded tattooed heavy metal slut
Misti Dawn[7] - Redehead tattooed Southern Belle
Jessie Lee[8] - Scenester emo girl
Kystal Kaos[9] - Pothead tattooed slut
Holly D[10] - British Alt Porn Slut
Skin Diamond[11] - Ethnic emo party whore

Alt Porn DVDs

Some of the dirtiest Alt Porn porno DVDs include:
P.O.V. Punx 4
Cum On My Tattoo 4
Joanna's Angels 3[13]
Joanna Angel Loves Orgies[14]
Jessie Vs. Misti[15]
No Panties Allowed 2[16]
Riot GRRRLS[18]
Rebel Girl[19]
LA Pink[20]